The Artist

Heidi Schreiner

Heidi Schreiner

What I love to do is paint. Capturing the essence of a moment, an emotion, a person is so rewarding.

I grew up in a small town in Wisconsin with my younger brother and sister, parents, and the occasional pet — including a dog who ate my Barbie’s legs off, a hermit crab, and even little lizards.

My growing up years had a lot of drawing and a longing to be able to do more, but it was pre-internet, and I wasn’t able to get as far as I wanted.

Eventually, life led me to a profession as a landscape designer and drafter. When I found my creative style and was able to transform my client’s surroundings and make them beautiful and functional, I was hooked! In 2016, my husband and I retired our landscaping business, and I’ve moved on to technical drafting in an engineering office.

Every spare moment is devoted to my family, friends, and art. Thankfully, my time as a surveyor and drafter have helped my art career because my technical abilities have been honed over many years.

I love capturing the excitement when I can create something beautiful, and I love feeling like I have a connection with God when I create.

One of my favorite things is to take something ordinary — a regular person, a pair of shoes, anything — and find the magic in them through art.

Do you surround yourself with beauty?

One of the reasons that I love creating is that moment of inspiration, that rush that I get when I capture something amazing. When we surround ourselves with things that we respond to, it uplifts our lives, inspires us, helps us to relax, and reminds us of what we love about life.

I would encourage you to find art that moves you — and put it in your life.