My Little Punk 2

My Little Punk 2

‘My Little Punk 2″ Oil Painting on 5×7 Linen Panel.

This is the 2nd of the paintings with the name My Little Punk, but it has made me laugh so much, I couldn’t resist. I picked up several mini pumpkins at the farmer’s market at the end of summer. I love the shapes and colors.

Give this painting as a gift for someone with a great sense of humor or keep it for yourself.

Power Walk

Power Walk

‘Power Walk’ is a 6×6 oil on panel painted alla prima — in one sitting.

I love bold style, and these shoes — this painting! — is all that. When you have great shoes on, you’re empowered to get to business. This modern painting slams bright pink in with loafers that almost seem like a graphic element.

A piece like this would go great anywhere. Brighten up a modern home or even a home that’s a classic. It’s the perfect piece to remind yourself to step out in style.

Not Napping

‘Not Napping’ 5×7 oil on linen

This is my first pupper commission. I was so happy to see his little face and fur and tail come out just right. Can you believe those long legs?!

Painting is about more than ‘replicating’ — for me, I have to capture a feeling. In this case, I wasn’t happy until I caught the mood –> a little sleepy, just checking you out.

No Bull

No Bull 5×7 oil on linen panel

As modern as I want to be, I am located in central Wisconsin, and we are full on farm country. I am constantly reminded how incredibly beautiful it is here. When I drive to work, I’m coasting over rolling hills and driving past farms that are quickly becoming a rarity in our area.

This painting inspires all the drama and beauty of farm life for me. The light, the quiet in the morning…

My grandma and grandpa used to have a farm although by the time I and my siblings came along, they were renting out the fields and only had a few chickens. Still, farms remind me of summer at grandma and grandpa’s, watermelon, and firecrackers on the fourth of July.


‘Rooster’ 5×7 oil painting on linen panel

Rooster is a dignified guy in black who has no problem strutting his stuff in full color. I love how his comb transforms from red to purple and the splashes of orange and strands of black in his feathers make it over the top amazing.

I used to dress very dramatically — mixing colors and patterns in ways that sparked and clashed in beautiful ways. This rooster reminds me a little of that. A little urban, a little rural — he goes anywhere he wants.